A reflective #100HappyDays #Day3 with family values

Whilst I’ve been focusing on identifying a single positive theme of each day, I found out some sad news earlier tonight but there’s one thing that keeps me inspired, thinking of that person and their struggles but always holding their head up with a smile despite the hardest times.


It’s our support network that we value the most and I’m privileged to not only have an amazing family but friends around me that have become family too.

Today, as we do every month, we celebrate at Talk Staff Group with our affectionately named #PayDayPizza, eating a big feast of our favourite food and playing a competitive game of Giant Jenga.

It’s times like this when I recognise that the importance of a family culture and the values that come with it run throughout the company. We often refer to each other as family members and it’s days like today that we genuinely recognise this.

Remember to focus on your #100HappyDays and post your links below!

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