#Day2 of my #100HappyDays – Networking in Notts

Each and everyday I’m inspired by the amazing people that I speak with.

RSVIP Networking in Nottingham

Today (26th October 2017) I was invited along to the RSVIP event, meeting people from all types of businesses in Nottingham and surrounding areas.

The most inspiring people that I came across were students from Nottingham University who are studying Business Management Degrees… one (Adam) loving Sales and Management, with the other (Ritchie) enjoys the marketing elements of his degree.

It’s never easy to stand in front of 50+ people (?) in a busy room, say hello and get involved in the conversations … but these students did that and it was a pleasure to meet them!

I was pleased to hear about a strategy to give students £10 and in two weeks time, they’re to report back with how much money they turned it into (sounds like the apprentice?) and can’t wait to hear how they do.

Any tips? Comment below.

Thanks for RSVIP for their invite o behalf of myself, David Orange and Talk Staff Group.

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