#100HappyDays & #NationalStressAwarenessDay Combined

I’m a big believer of the difference between pressure and stress. Each and every day we either put ourselves under immense pressure or take it on in other ways.


Many of us thrive in need standards and targets to hit, which proves to us how well we can perform. Having this level of pressure in our lives is often a huge positive. We also see pressure as something that can be managed and we have a level of control of it.

Stress usually kicks in once we lose control and no matter how we try to organise it, we become inefficient and ineffective.

There are many people that believe that stress is a result of too much pressure and I personally agree.

National Stress Awareness Day

There’s so many ways to deal with stress and I’d encourage you to focus on your own well-being. There’s also a number of fantastic apps available such as HeadSpace and Calm that focus on mindfulness.

It’s important to remember that whilst exercise is proven to reduce stress, too much can be overwhelming and should always be done in balance.

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