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My commitment to people development

Following the win of the ‘Commitment to People Development’ Award for Talk Staff Group, we announced the launch of a new training and development programme – Namely the ‘Talent Academy’.

Working alongside my co-directors over the last month, I’ve been incredibly proud of the sheer determination and personal development of each successful person that made it into the programme.


The plan was to use the skills and experience we have gained over many years of working in recruitment, to develop the skills of a new team and those that shared our values.

Cultural fit is a huge part of our business, finding people that share our values and possess the raw skills needed to achieve amazing results.


I’m incredibly proud to say that the Talent Academy has been a huge success and we are already seeing results!

Thank you to each and every person that has been a part of it! I hope you enjoy being part of the Talk Staff Family and flourish in your career with us.

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