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5 ways to say thanks at work

At this years 2018 Talk Staff Mid-Year Conference, we mixed things up and drew attention to a number of key values and personal development.

Quickly sketching our hands on a blank piece of paper, we were all tasked with giving a more literal pat on the back, by sticking the sketches to each other’s backs and spent 10 minutes racing around the room to write messages of thanks or congratulations.

It wasn’t surprising that everyone in the room spotted several comments on their papers that hadn’t been said to them in person or didn’t believe.

I was overwhelmed not only by the race that ensued to get comments written down but the kind notes left for me (please ignore my bad drawing) :

Thank you to everyone for an amazing day at our Mid-Year Conference and the comments written above.

5 Ways to Say Thanks

  1. Find a way in your office to record sat thank you with ease, such as implementing something with your HR/Internal Communications systems or setup an Appreciation Station where people can leave post it notes or pin photos to publication give thanks
  2. In return for their hard work, why not get involved and dedicate one morning per month to helping colleagues get on top of their work. It’s a great way to acknowledge that you great skills and an opportunity to shares skills or knowledge
  3. It sounds simple but by saying thanks or congratulations, kindness being displayed in this way is always straight forward way to show your support
  4. If you’re a manager, taking the opportunity to thank your team in 121’s can really boost morale. If not, then why not ask your manager to publicly say thank you to your colleague or team during weekly or monthly meetings
  5. Run exercises like the one mentioned above, either at social events or company conferences

Next time that someone shows you an act of kindness or supports you well. Don’t forget to say a simple “thank you”.

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