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Are job boards falling short of expectations?

Recently, I’ve observed a concerning pattern. Many applicants who respond to job ads that our Recruitment Services Team get via job boards often seem to miss the mark. The majority either live thousands of miles away or lack the required experience for the role.

>> So, where else do we need to focus our time?

📌 Tapping into local talent

We mustn’t overlook the talent in our local communities. Hiring candidates from far-flung places can pose logistical challenges and may not align with our business objectives. We need to focus on nurturing local talent and finding innovative ways to connect with them more effectively.

📝 Rethinking job descriptions

Job descriptions frequently fail to attract candidates with the right experience. It’s high time we reevaluate how we communicate job requirements and qualifications. We need to ensure our job descriptions accurately reflect what we truly need to find the perfect fit… or scrap/change them entirely.

🗺 Exploring alternative approaches

In this digital era, there’s an array of innovative recruitment strategies waiting to be explored. We need to all broaden our horizons beyond traditional job boards. From leveraging social media platforms to hosting virtual career fairs, we have a wealth of possibilities at our fingertips that have more of a marketing focused approach.

♥ Prioritising quality over quantity

Instead of casting a wide net with generic job postings, we need to focus on fostering genuine connections. By nurturing relationships with industry professionals, networking groups and employee referrals we can tap into hidden talent that truly aligns with our company culture.

🛑 Challenging the status quo

I’m not saying we need to completely discard job boards but urging a critical evaluation of their effectiveness. It’s time to innovate and embrace new strategies that yield better results for employers and job seekers alike.

Recruitment has evolved. Talent Acquisition has well and truly taken over. If you’re still relying on job adverts alone, then that’s never going to be enough and you may miss out on the best talent walking through the doors of your competitors.

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