Common Employer Mistakes

As you can imagine, in the last 14 years, I’ve seen a lot of employers make those all-too-familiar mistakes, and these blunders can seriously hinder the efforts to be a people-focused business and end up driving teams away faster than you can say “employee turnover”! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 🚫 Common Employer Mistakes: 1️⃣ Ignoring Employee Feedback: Some […]

Loneliness: Breaking the Barriers for Entrepreneurs

Loneliness Awareness Week holds a special significance for me. As a director and entrepreneur living with facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy, I intimately understand the challenges of navigating the entrepreneurial journey and the profound sense of loneliness it can bring. Over my 14 years in business, I have learned invaluable lessons that have not only helped me combat the isolation but also fostered connections and inspired others along the way.

Pride Month – 2023

As we enter #PrideMonth, I am excited to join the LGBTQ+ community in celebrating our unique identities and shared experiences. This month holds significant meaning for me as a gay man and I am proud to embrace and celebrate who I am. Throughout my journey as a leader, I have encountered challenges and faced judgments […]

5 ways to say thanks at work

At this years 2018 Talk Staff Mid-Year Conference, we mixed things up and drew attention to a number of key values and personal development. Quickly sketching our hands on a blank piece of paper, we were all tasked with giving a more literal pat on the back, by sticking the sketches to each other’s backs […]

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